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Thursday, March 20, 2003

The joke of the hour is about the 45 countries "with" us in the campaign to take sticks and rocks away from Iraq. Something caught my eye on the list:

Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Colombia, El Salvador
These are the countries in the "Hmm, I wonder why they support us... could it be our explicit control over their countries?" category. I wonder if the huge bump in funding to Colombia for "drug war" aid has anything to do with their agreement? No, I'm sure they're just giving support becuase their conscience was bothering them. They figure this can be some form of catharsis since they knowingly use harmful chemicals against their own people.

One other interesting note, look at who is NOT on the list: Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE... oh, wait, that's right, any of the countries we keep saying are imminently threatened by this tyrannic regime! Funny, that.

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