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Monday, April 21, 2003

I had a dream that I was on a small boat in the middle of an ocean, with that salt smell in the oppressively humid air. I imagine it must have been the Carribean - I have a propensity not to dream of places I haven't been before - since it was so warm. There was a mast with no sail, but the dinghy seemed to be moving anyway, and the moon hung wearily just on the edge of the horizon. The dream ended when the moon sunk beyond the rim of the ocean and the stars, one by one, winked out of the sky, but the sun didn't come to replace them, and there I was with nothing but a swirling breeze and an oak-planked boat with one too many barnacles.

I have never felt so alone in my whole life, yet the most striking feature of the dream was and is that I have never had such a comforting thought.

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