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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Two interesting things happened yesterday. First, my interview with Best buy. Anyone who has had a job interview knows that the interview process is really pretense for bribes, either in cash or sex form, and as such I was a little put off by the fact that they were to be calling me to conduct it, as it removes my normal method for getting jobs. As such, I resolved not to impress the hell out of the interviewer with my wit, tact and overall charisma in conversation. It actualy went quite well for the first two questions - "What is your name?" and "Are you a US citizen?" Then came the tricky part of the conversation - the moral dilemmas. As near as I can tell, Best Buy vastly overestimates the requisite intelligence for the tasks they need performed. A part-time after-hours stocker seemingly needs to answer questions about complex moral questions to lift a bloody box.

Tangent aside, the next thing he asked was, "Do you believe it is ever okay to steal $1 from a register - even if it is just to get a soda on your break?" My answer, and a decent one if I do say so myself, was, "No, stealing is a categorical harm which undermines the precepts upon which an employer/employee relationship hinges." My interviewer seemed interested, and asked, "It's a 'categorical' harm?" Naturally assuming him to be a man of reasonable intelligence, if they trust him to sort out the correct and incorrect answers to these somewhat tenuous moral inquiries, I thought he was asking for me to elaborate. After about six seconds of explaining in what way such a small transgression should not be accepted on principle, he stopped me and asked, "Oh, no, I mean what IS a categorical harm?" The interview went downhill from there.

The second interesting thing was the Poker Stars freeroll. I was in 2nd-4th place for a majority of the tournament, when I saw a chance to pretty much guarantee a qualification by jumping far in first and knocking three people out. Essentially, I caught a straight on the flop (10-A) and assumed that anyone who didn't have trips or the same straight would just fold. I got three to go all in... the fourth card came, couldn't have helped anyone but someone dumb enough to go all in chasing a flush which had almost no odds of coming. And the final card put three clubs down. Naturally, I was sitting about adding up totals... when I realized I had lost to someone who played 2 and 5 of clubs and randomly got their flush. I was about to punch myself. I ended up making a halfhearted comeback before going all in on a stupid hand just for the hell of it so I could go to bed, finishing far from qualifying.

It strikes me that I may need to change my outlook in a few different ways before something REALLY goes wrong because of it.

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