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Friday, August 08, 2003

- I just woke up at 6 AM to watch the sun rise, only to realize a number of things: 1) The sun is already "up", and 2) Even if I had been awake when the sun was rising, it's way too cloudy for me to have noticed. Normally this would have bothered me, since waking up at six is akin to being stabbed in the throat with a bic mechanical pencil, but I had an unusually good night last night, so I'll just take this one in stride.

- My friend Andrew turns 21 today, which is undoubtably going to be the biggest anticlimax until Sean turns in the next couple weeks. I guess it's not a coincidence that the same year they let you drink legally is the year they let you rent cars, since after all, the one thing you really want people doing is popping open a bottle of wine in their fuckin rented Chrystler. It's also possible that it's a coincidence.

- Comcast finally sent a bill for the past couple months, informing us simultaniously that our cable has been shut off. This came as at least a minor suprise to, among others, our cable, which has been running flawlessly since the shutoff. I've actually found an increase in upload speed. Hence begins the debate about whether we should tell Comcast to fuck themselves and hope that the semilegal hookup continues to work indefinitely. When we called to see about getting our service hooked up again, the technician on the other end actually took some time to argue with me about whether or not we were still getting service. I finally agreed and ceded that we were not getting any service. Mostly because World Series of Poker had just come on the ESPN2 that we no longer get.

- I'm half way thorough The Life of Pi, a book which a number of people seem to believe I've read before. It's almost certainly because I had a quote from it in my AIM profile at some point. If there's one thing people ought to have realized by now, it's that I don't actually possess any erudition, I just like to appear that way. I also recently watched, "An Evening with Kevin Smith," which is hilarious. Something like five hours long, but still hilarious.

- Another blog mentioned something regarding The Awakening, the singular worst book ever written. Specifically, it mentioned something I've long found to be utterly ridiculous: That Chopin's novel is a feminist piece. It's a book where the protagonist has a comfortable life which society dictates she ought to live, that is, as an affluent housewife and mother. She is then unable to control her sexual urges, cheats on her husband, abandons her family and kills herself when she is unable to reconcile the societal framework of a very Victorian era with how she wants to be. I have to say - there's a reason Feminism is and was taken as a joke. When the cultural vanguard of your movement is a work which screams that women are weak and unable to withstand social pressure, it's tough to take you completely seriously.

- I can't wait to start school again. This summer has been a train wreck.

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