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Monday, August 25, 2003

(Reposted from 8/23 as blogger's software strangely decided not to actually delete a post I deleted in between.)

As anyone who has read the previous post has noted by this point, I am not at home, and as such, updates will be pretty much nonexistant until I return to Maryland on Friday. As it stands, I am currently in Colorado having braved the city of New York. A full update of everything which happened will have to wait until I return, at which point anecdotes abound, but for the time being I have to keep it to simple notes:

- Until very recently, Amtrak's impending bankruptcy was a slight mystery to me. I had always had reliable service and the like while riding. Until wednesday. I bought a ticket for the slow ass train which stops every sixty feet, and upon arriving to Union Station, found to my chagrin that it was delayed. Inquiring as to how long it might be delayed drew a glazed stare and an answer of "indefinitely" from the helpful man sitting behind the information desk. As such, I switched to the pride of the Amtrak fleet, as it were, the Accela express. This train managed to run fine right up until, literally, ten minutes outside of New York City, where it promptly broke down. I mean literally, the engine broke. So there we sat while they tried to remedy the problem: in the mean time, six NJ transit trains and four other Amtraks passed us. Including the original, delayed version. After ninety minutes, they figured out what the problem was, patched it with spittle and away we went at about the speed of a brisk jog. It took, then, 8 minutes to arrive. This means that if I had gotten off and WALKED when we broke down, I would have beat the train. By an hour. Suddenly their imminent collapse seemed to make a lot more sense.

- Members of the opposing (no, not opposite, I really do mean opposing) gender are officially crazy. I obviously can't say too much here on the grounds that it might betray certain thoughts I may or may not have had. But suffice to say: "Whacko" is an understatement.

- I met members of my family I hadn't ever seen before, including, but not limited to, a one year old cousin. They were all cooler than me. Including the baby.

- New York City doesn't card. Nuff said.

- Any night which involves being punched in the face and hit with a stolen lemmon by the same girl can be said to be going poorly. Unless you're related to that person, in which case, you can throw the lemmon back, and everything is okay.

- Can't wait for school and debate to start.

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