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Thursday, September 25, 2003

I seem to have totally lost the ability to write a good paper. I've been doing satires of every writing assignment I've had for so long, that it's getting impossible for me to really write something which I believe, and which is a serious expression of my effort. The only thing I've done since entering college which was not, at least in some way, a joke (which the professor was at various times in on or not) was an exposition for my Norse mythology class on parallels between pre-16th century British literature and the Edda. It's hard to be funny when you're talking about that type of thing :/

In other news, I spent four hours yesterday sitting outside at the first look fair, recruiting novices (since our first batch seems to have deflated quickly.) We got seventy-five people interested, of whom probably about 10-15 will actually show up, of whom maybe 2-4 will stick around. Hopefully this time three members of our team will behave themselves and keep the novices from running scared. It would be nice to have a legacy of sorts. Tonight we're having a rehash of the demo round we put on for the first group, except this time it's more in preparation for the Smith tournament than it is to actually be entertaining. This could go well or poorly, depending on the disposition of the people there.

Blah. Substantive update this weekend, as I will be leaving tomorrow for MA, and getting back sometime around dawn on Sunday. Whee.

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