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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I think the root cause of terrorism is finally something which can be adequately explained. Is it because of ideology? Economics? No. I believe that the reason poor countries attack rich countries is very simple: Jenny Craig.

Think about it. You're this poor, unfed farmer who's reduced to eating the seeds you have in storage becuase your child is starving and you can't afford to wait until a harvest, and that's IF enough rain even comes, since your country has no irrigation. But down at the local pub, you still recieve some American television or ads, and the first thing during a commercial, you see someone who has so much food, that they're actively preventing themselves from eating it.

Like, "Oh my god, Mary. I just can't eat any more! I've eaten way too much already! I'm on a diet you know. I mean, this chocolate cake would be good, but I just have too much goddamn weight, I have to go about getting rid of it!" If I were in that position, I'd be under the distinct impression I was being mocked or taunted. So you go get some friends, and bomb the source of the American broadcasts - the Embassy.

So in conclusion, I don't blame anybody for anything.

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