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Thursday, September 11, 2003

I 've heard 3 speeches so far today on how, since 9/11/01 we've made huge steps in our "war on terror" and our desire to have a safer world for America. This, despite the fact that I have actively been trying to avoid any such bullshit.

Look, why can't the politicians and such just come out and say what we all know - that this "war on terror" isn't an attempt to stop terrorism, it's an attempt to assuage our hurt egos. It's revenge. We didn't go to Iraq or Afghanistan to stop a threat or to keep people from attacking us - we went there because, watching our own citizens die, we got bloodlust. The left and the anti-war people are all trying so hard to debate the "facts" given by the administration: "But, do you have any proof that there are WMDs?"; "Is he really a threat, though?" And despite rather cogent arguments, they don't seem to have any real effect. There is a very simple reason why: nobody cares. This is not a political war. This is not a war for pragmatic ends, we're out for killing, plain and simple, and it's frustrating the hell out of us that we can't seem to get it. First it's Osama Bin Ladin, who we can't seem to find. So we shift the focus to Saddam Hussein, who manages to get away. We kill his sons, and his 14 year old grandson, but that doesn't really help us feel any better.

But the US needs to moralize everything they do. It helps with the hypocrisy, to justify things in moral terms. When WE murder thousands of people, it's collateral damage and we're giving them freedom. When THEY kill thousands of people, it's suddenly an egregious act of terror, designed to attack "freedom." The double standard is sickening. I wish people would just drop the pretense and say: yes, we just want to fucking kill someone becuase they made us feel scared. They made us feel uneasy. They broke the bubble we live in, and we want to tear their goddamn head off for exposing us to the real world, something routine beyond our borders. That's why we're going to war. That's why today, whenever you hear a politicain say they want to make the world safe for America, or for Freedom(tm), just sit back and ignore him. If we really wanted to make the world safer, we wouldn't be attacking and aggrivating an entire race of people. We wouldn't be threatening nuclear powers. We wouldn't be doing any of the things we are.

We all know why we're really doing it - and it has nothing to do with making anyone more secure. We're out for blood. Enjoy your brute instincts.

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