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Sunday, September 21, 2003

The past four or so days have been eventful by my standards, including all sorts of randomness. I weathered the prehurricane storms and such over at SCC, as the hurricane began its approach. It was dared to kill a number of us on multiple occaisions, and appears not to have taken anyone up on that. It ended up being a massive anticlimax. The sum total of the hurricane's damage to my part of the city came down to a couple felled branches, and no power for twelve hours (eleven of which I was asleep). The downside is it pushed the UMBC debate tournament to saturday, forcing a truncated format which seemed significantly more random than I would have liked. There were a number of... spurious... judging decisions made during the course of the tournament. The only thing of real note during the entire ordeal was the fact that the George Washington University team became convinced that one of my teammates and I were gay. I wish I could say this was a unique opinion. It is most assuredly not.

Oh well. Next week is Smith, which should prove to be an all-around better time.

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