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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

So I almost died on saturday. As far as I can tell, I should have dropped in to an alcohol induced coma. A person should not consume twenty shots and a couple of Guinnesses in the course of two and a half hours. It's interesting the range of emotions I went through. At first I was mildly annoyed that my friends didn't slow me down a little, but that's silly. It's not really their job to babysit me, despite the fact that, later, when I was unable to walk, they were really helpful. Or so I'm told. I was really in and out of consciousness over the course of three hours. Not fun.

Tonight was the first real debate meeting. We have what appears to be a promising novice class, with what I believe is a Maryland record of 20ish prospects. We need a 15% retention rate in order to equal the yield of last year (which was, I believe, roughly a 50% retention rate). It does not, however, look as if our tradition of having a 0:1 female to male ratio will hold up, as of the two XX's who showed up, one left half way through the demo, and the other just isn't likely to stick around an all-male team, especially one as chauvenistic as ours. It's a shame since the latter seemed, for whatever reason, like she had potential. Maybe I'm just counting her out too soon.

In any case, I have more reading to do before bed tonight. If I start actually thinking about anything in the near future, I'll be sure to post it here. I'm sure I'll bitch about my day tomorrow. My legal writing class is getting in to some pretty advanced shit - namely appellate courts. Oh shit!

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