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Sunday, September 14, 2003

This past weekend (It still technically IS this weekend, but I don't plan on waking up for the duration of sunday, so it may as well be in the past) I went to Columbia University for their annual novice tournament. This, despite the fact that my team elected not to send any novices to the tournament. I drove up with the William & Mary team (of the two cars, I chose, wisely, to go with the non-novices) which was, in and of itself, an event. I learned about a great place to stop for food on the way to/from points north of Philadelphia. I also was reminded, rather clearly, that I hate debate tournaments. I love the debate part, but all the down time wears on me to a striking degree. I had forgotten over the summer how little respect was granted to both myself and my team. I know I'm going to end up going to every tournament this year, however. I know this becuase, as of this weekend, I have officially managed to alianate every single person who had the slightest potential of ever really getting close to me. This was intentional, and I'm glad it's over with. It was incredibly difficult to do, but I feel a sense of freedom I don't recall feeling... ever.

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