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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

The US starts another fight - this time with a credible nuclear power!

You know, there was a time when US foreign policy was coherant. I'm certain of it. When we wouldn't spend billions of dollars fighting ghosts with no tangible policy or economic benefit, and when we at least noted that the reason for our economic prosperity and place of power in the global sphere was our appearence of legitimacy. Then we elected George W. Bush to the white house, and all of that changed. We now have a president whose foreign policy can be defined as "2 down, 188 to go!" and whose domestic policy could potentially be described, except that nobody has come up with it yet.

Has everyone in the country gone completely nuts? Or is it really just the administration who finally dropped the pretense of taking intelligent, calculated action when they realized that all you really need to do is scare people in to thinking their ideals, their homes or their lives are threatened? How is it we can spend literally trillions of dollars on maintaining a government who is headed by a man who hasn't yet progressed beyond the level of a five year old? Seriously - pick up any child rearing manuel, and you will see very clearly: Pick up your mess before you make another one (remember Afghanistan?), don't lie (Iraq's massive, world-threatening WMD production programme appears to be out at the moment, but if you'll leave a message...), treat others as you would like to be treated (cough.), and of course, the one lesson we try to teach all of the children of our society, don't pick fights with nuclear fucking powers.

When is this bullshit going to end? My tuition was raised 15% this year because the state was facing a $30 million budget shortfall. Meanwhile, the president mentions that we happened to go a little over budget on the whole Iraq thing. How much over budget? $87 billion. That'll pay us up through.... the end of the year. That is, if you were curious, eighty-five times the annual operating budget for a University of 40,000 students. Which is to say - you could offer free tuition to nearly every college student at a public university in the United States for the amount it's going to take to accomplish NOTHING in Iraq this year. Next year, you could offer it to everyone at a private university, too.

But now we get another war. We still haven't resolved shit in Afghanistan (that one from 2001? Remember?) let alone Iraq, and we're starting more. If Bush is reelected, I am seriously going to consider graduating and moving out of the country. I don't know how much longer I can take this idiocy.

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