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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Back from American's tournament. I had a lot of fun, except for most of the debate parts. Oh, also I got sick... hoping that it's not permanent or anything. That would be bad.

I did, however, hear from a few people about this movie "Underworld" despite not seeing it myself. I am curious why vampires are always depicted as such tools. In almost every movie, TV show or whatever, they're hyped up as these vicious killers, but a few werewolves or a posh Buffy can tear through them like nothing. I think this is problematic. Never have I seen a vampire really tear it the hell up - I want to see a version of Dracula where the townspeople come to kill him, and he kicks them in the stomach and has a sammich. I want to start a Vampire League Against Defamation (VLAD) - I think it's a worthy cause to champion.

Also, if anyone has any advice on how to skirt copyright laws (specifically on printed materials), I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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