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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Columbia was miserable. For a tournament which advised everyone to arrive promptly by three, or risk being dropped, they actually managed to run roughly eight hours over time. This seems magically impossible. First round failed to get off until six o'clock or so, and second round wasn't over until after midnight. There was about a five hour delay between the two... which is good, because third round was cancelled outright, since Columbia's police were locking up buildings. I managed to go to a party being thrown by the architecture school, however, between rounds and drink some, which helped. I also got semi-hit-on by an architecture grad student, which is always nice. Since the female gender hath forsaken me, it's possible the other side is all I will have left.

Luckily, the debate part of the weekend was actually enjoyable. Lindsay and I got to talk about hermaphrodites, college football, and Elvis - all great subjects, which were ruined by Minnisota B, who chose to ran a borderline snug case in the most marginal possible way. It was a case about national DNA databases, but they phrased it as "you are some senator, we say you introduce legislation which may or may not pass which allows states the option, which many may not take, of having these databases." One of their points included "Oh, Massachuses does this already." Hence we called the case status-quo and won. It was unfortunate, since otherwise we (by which I mean Lindsay) were speaking very well. I was dropped at least 1.5-3 points for being unduly mean and abraisive , which is funny since I was as calm and nice as I have ever been in a round. The problem is I was partnering with someone who is the sweetest, nicest person I've ever seen in rounds, which makes it impossible not to seem mean.

Anyway, Saturday, they decided to flight rounds which means doing two more rounds took them, I kid you not, ten hours. This was followed by a break to octofinals, which started at about seven in the evening. This is just... wow. I don't think I will be going to a Columbia tournament ever again.

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