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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Hopkins was a bust. I think in general, I'm just getting really apathetic about the whole debate thing. I really need to take a few weekends and just hybrid with people and have fun so I don't feel this obnoxious obligation to whomever I'm partnered with for the weekend. I generally feel bad after giving what I consider a bad speech, and even moreso if I am unjustly rewarded for it. It seems to happen more than it should.

The party was fun. Hopkins has an ice luge which is just a chunk of ice with carved tracks to pour alcohol in to. Desmond and I (backed by Andrew and Jennings, respectively) went once to see who could drink for the longest (using peach triple sec). He won the first time, but after a remach (double or nothing on the bets) I won. I'm glad. I'd hate to lose someone money, especially on something like "whether or not I'm an alcoholic." That's typically a safe bet. Later (I lost track of time. I went through a number of drinks in the intervening hours) the cops came and broke everything up. This is unfortunate.

In the car on the way home, I made a couple of random drunk phone calls. One of these apparently spawned only vague annoyance from the lucky recipiant, while the other ended up sparking a less than amicable series of conversations. So it goes.

Today after I got back, I just watched 7 hours of college football. It's all good.

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