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Sunday, October 05, 2003

I have a billion things on my mind, but none of them are really developed thoughts, so to speak. So here goes the lightning update:

The tournament It was interesting to judge at such a small tournament. I paneled with the two senior members of my team for three of the rounds, and given the depth of our judging pool, we still pulled the down rounds/middle of the bracket. It was a good experience, but somewhat disheartening. W&M and my sister/Amanda ended up in finals - which does not at all make our tournament seem rigged. Especially given who dropped in quarters. The sad part is, people were actively trying not to pick up the "favored" teams since it makes everything look illegitimate. It's tough being what seems like the only team south of NYC left who cares about fairness.

Classes Out and out bored of them. I'm sick to death of them. Every semester I have this crisis of faith with regards to whether or not I am intelligent enough to take difficult classes, so I end up taking easier ones and I am miserable. By the time I realize my mistake it's too late.

Celibacy I'm not sure why, but I continue to have a reputation as a whore, despite being fully celibate for nearly four months. It's curious.

Today is going to be spent watching lots and lots of football, and eating lots and lots of pizza. The house is still a disaster from the party, but oh well. So it goes.

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