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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Just to be clear:

The president almost certainly lied at this point about the motivation for the war in Iraq, and following that, granted postwar contracts, without any sort of auction, to Halliburton, who the Vice President still recieves millions of dollars a year in severence from. We're now starting ANOTHER war, this time with IRAN who we've demanded turn over THEIR super-secret nuclear program by October 31st.

Now. If you've gone and hyped up a war, claiming a country has nuclear, chemical and biological weapons capable of annihilating Europe, invaded the country over the objections of the international community, and then found, much to your utter, utter embarassment that said country doesn't appear to have weapons, before you start doing the same thing again, do you think you could check your goddamn methodology? Like, "Hey! Our intelligence was a complete failure! But THIS time it HAS to be right!"

And this wouldn't be so bad, but the deadline is Halloween. I just can't get the phrase "trick or treat" out of my head. I can't get the image of Colin Powell with a big sign saying "I AM THE SHAH. REALLY." around his neck, going up to a government building in Iran, and asking politely for nukes. Couldn't we at least be clear about what we're doing, and set the deadline for Easter? At least then we could get some eggs out of it, and for once, maybe it wouldn't be on our collective faces.

I hate politics.

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