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Thursday, October 30, 2003

A number of things.

- All of you can issue your personal apologizes to LeBron today. No, seriously. Pardon the Interruption - I expect a heartfelt "Sorry, LB" after the "overhyped" speech you guys gave yesterday about how he's not going to be good this year. Anyone who watched the game last night should pretty well realize that, even if he can't perform the way he did on a consistent basis, he can still come in and outperform every high-schooler-to-pro ever. He legitimately should have had better numbers, but 25 points, 9 assists (should have been more. not really his fault that his team can't make easy jumpers after he sets it up perfectly. Then again, LeBron or no, it's still the Cavs...) and not shabby numbers at rebounds and steals. This kid may actually live up to the hype yet. Carmello: 12 points in his first game. LeBron: 12 points in his first quarter.

- I stayed up until five in the morning for the first time this semester working on my legal writing project. I had neither the book which gives the stylistic form nor the internet. I finally got it more or less finished, and went to bed for a few hours before I had to wake up to edit. This morning I get an e-mail from the professor informing me that they changed the due date to next tuesday. This makes me want to cry.

- I need to assemble my reasonably simple costume by tonight, so I can wash it before tomorrow. This shouldn't prove too difficult.

- Debating with Emily this weekend sounds like a lot of fun. It's another weekend when I don't have to LO/MG. I've come to realize that I love the LO/MG position, but it's much harder than the PM/MO. I think I may also finally have the PMR down, which is what lost Jennings and I more than one important round last year. I don't think I can help but remember my meltdown 5th round at UVA forever.

- Finally, someone found this page on a search I can be proud of: Ice Luge Tips Alcohol
Another (separate domain/person, too!) search got here on fun with alcohol ice luge

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