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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Day Two: Thanksgiving

Most of the day was strikingly uneventful. I watched various football games and milled about the house for the first half of the day, bored out of my mind, before I finally got around to the part which I love and adore: Dinner. Ladies and gentlemen, I have found out what makes family get togethers bearable. It's not understanding or an attempt to find some common ground upon which we can all agree and come together. It's something I'm sure you're all famliar with.

This thanksgiving I am thankful for: alcohol.

Since I've gotten to college, my parents have gone out of their way to always offer me wine or whatever when I'm home, but without actually wanting me to accept. For whatever reason, they still believe me to be a child incapable of making rational decisions. This is probably a view which I could endorse, except that it's not true. Self-destruction can be a rational life decision. But this time it was different. This time, I just didn't care that much, so I went about systematically taking in equal parts stuffing and white wine. Over the course of the night, I noticed that I was the only one who was still drinking. This did not deter me to any significant degree. I was having lots of fun, even though we were playing a game I normally find to be random. I kept leaving the game to talk to someone online, which angered everyone, but this also did not really deter me. Being home is far more fun when I'm only tangentally aware of my being present.

After the game (which I won, convincing me once and for all that the game is not in fact random, but the paragon test of intelligence and foresight) I spent the rest of the evening talking online, and continuing to finish off the various spirits I found in my possession. I had to admit, the day turned out okay, and I even found myself enjoying spending time with my family, something I normally feel ambivilent, at best, about.

I felt certain that it wouldn't last.

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