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Sunday, November 02, 2003

I had an... interesting conversation today. First some background. There's this kid who some people reading this may know named Chris Migliaccio. He's a Haverford debater (two things which automatically knock someone two rungs down on my "people I don't want to hit" list) who I've never spoken to. Not a single time. I had no idea who he even was until I went to the Haverford tournament last year, let alone how to pronounce his last name. A google search gives his blog site, and after a brief search of his archives, I've found exactly what I expected. The number of references to me: zero. The number of tangental references to individuals who might be construed to be sort of like me, or close enough to be confused with me: zero.

Yet he has the audacity to go up to my ex-girlfriend and, in front of a number of her friends, openly lie about me as if we're best friends and he's just helping her out. Now, I may harbor some resentment towards the girl who may or may not have flat out broken my heart at the beginning of this past summer (sparking the infamous 70+ days of consecutive drinking) but what he did was so unacceptable, I'm not even sure where to begin. I'm not really sure what kind of person it takes to go up to someone you've met maybe once or twice before and talk shit about someone you don't know, but the fact that he had the nerve to even be tactless within the context of what he was doing is just priceless.

For the record: I have not been in anything resembling a relationship in the past six months. I haven't done anything which, if done with a minor, would be arrestable. I haven't cheated on a signficiant other since I was fifteen (and that was questionable.) Yet at the same time I have the reputation on this debate circuit as a promiscuous bastard with no morals. This circuit is built upon what I generally consider to be a group of decent individuals who are pretty smart compared to your normal college kid. But every once in a while one like this comes along.

This kid feels the need to compensate for god knows what. The fact that he decided to embarrass my ex-girlfriend in front of her friends just to slander me shows what a truly slimy, tactless son of a bitch this guy is. He doesn't deserve to breathe the same air as a girl he intentionally hurt for no discernable reason. This is the kind of person who casts doubt upon the basic precept that humanity has some degree of built in social understanding. I hope he figures it out before he has to deal with anyone with the least bit of integrity.

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