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Monday, November 03, 2003

I normally hate online quizzes, since the answers to most of the questions require significant qualifications. I took one today (for no good reason) and it's a perfect example of why trying to pigeonhole people's faith according to a preset group of beliefs is silly. So we're clear, my result was:

I'm an Atheist!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

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How I got there:

1. How would you describe your relationship with the supernatural?
A: Whatever...

This doesn't really say anything, nearly so much as that I think the term "supernatural" is sort of silly. If there's a consciousness or force which interacts in the affairs of the "natural" world in such a way which obeys any set of rules, no matter how complex and far removed from those we obey, it's still natural. They only way something can really be "supernatural" is if it's totally isolated from the observable universe, in which case the metaphysics given by most religions doesn't qualify. Yet another instance where what someone actually wants to say is obscured by their using a word with overly broad implications.

2. How do you usually spend your Sundays?
A: Pondering whether it really is Sunday, or a Wednesday we just forgot.

This answer came about because I am an alcoholic and typically have no idea what day it is, except insofar as I remember what classes I have to go to and what assignments are due. I measure time by debate tournaments, meals, release dates, etc... not monday, tuesday...

3. Why do terrible things happen?
A: I dunno, why do good things happen?

This is one of those questions people try to ask to "disprove" God's omnibenevolence (something I always took to be sort of a dumb assumption, on face.) which is meaningless. Why do terrible things happen, in general? Because the worth of actions is invariably relative to both circumstances and context. If everyone had a billion dollars, but one kid lost all but a million, that could be construed to be terrible. Actions never have absolute values, they just happen to be based on the immediate options and alternative circumstances. This says nothing about God, who even if you believe he exists isn't the immediate cause of all actions, and if he were, then everything is predetermined and can't really be judged as meritous or not.

5. Are you afraid of God?
What God is there to fear?

This was the toughest question given the answers available, since none of them have the more accurate "What makes you think God has motivations, malicious or otherwise?"

The rest were standard issues which religious groups weigh in on. None of it was really important. I just wish some day someone smart would design one of these things.

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