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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

In an effort to further put off studying for a midterm which I now have to take in ninety minutes, I decided to go over my schedule for next semester. Insert proverbial "you don't care" comment here.

Odell teaching this class. The same Odell who pointlessly fucked my grade when I took his Wittgenstein class. I'm determined to make him think I'm not an idiot, since he's one of the few philosophy professors I actually respect, and who is not afraid to tell kids when what they say is retarded. It's refreshing to be in a class where I don't have to hear a professor humor someone who says that Locke is "really a utilitarian," or something equally silly.

Philosophy of Beauty
The aesthetics requirement for my philosophy major is something I dread filling, but if I can do it in a class with Andrew, it will make it better. Also, I have yet to take a class with Andrew (he's the only one of my friends I haven't been in a class with for at least a portion of a semester) and this seems like as good an opportunity as any.

Field Theory
It turns out they don't teach the mathematical logic course I need to complete that sequence any more, leaving me with the need to take either applied analysis or field theory, and of the two, I'd rather stab myself in the neck than write a trillion lines of Matlab code. And I'd rather take field theory than stab myself in the neck. So there you have it.

Combinatorics and Graph Theory
Originally, my second math course was going to be set theory, but I decided against it largely on the grounds that it sounds less impressive. Yes, that really was the motivation behind it. I've found far too often that the higher level a math course is, especially logic-type courses, the less impressive it sounds. Back in linear algebra, I could talk about spanning sets and QR-diagonalization and so forth. Now, people ask "So, you're in... umm.. geometry? What's that like?" and I'm forced to respond with, "Oh, it's not JUST geometry, it's NONEUCLIDEAN geometry. Hyperbolics and things like that!" And I feel like a tool, because it really is just geometry done with more rigorous proofs. Or when I have to say that I have a really difficult homework problem... proving that a certain square root is real. "What else would it be? Imaginary? Ha ha..." I hate people who don't know math for not respecting my ability at proofs.

Beginning fiction workshop
Every attempt I've had at really writing fiction ends up being a disaster becuase I'm so didactic. This has been the universal consensus on the issue. I'll post a short story of mine some time in the near future (Probably tonight or tomorrow) to demonstrate this, but it's pretty sad. I can write for many, many pages on most subjects, but can't tell a story to save my life.

Circuit Training
Becuase, hey, why not?

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