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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

More things about the Matrix trilogy which piss me off

- In the first movie, Neo asks to make his phone call, and the agent, in response, fuses his mouth shut with telekinesis. What rule in the Matrix is THAT based on, and if the agents can psychicly morph people's avatar within the Matrix to be whatever they want, why do they ever let Neo get away? "How can you run away, Mr. Anderson, if you don't have any... legs?" I suppose the response might be "no, Neo is HACKING in, so nyah" but you sort of have to question this. Presumably, they hack in by tricking the Matrix into thinking that they're connected... so why couldn't they just take over Neo's body? Or Morpheus? They hack in, and have anti-agent technological firewalls? This seems absurd.

- If you found out all the things that Neo does, about how everything is just an operating system and how you can be as fast or whatever as you want, why would you NOT be a professional football player? Wait, come to think of it... "Priest" is a pretty Matrix-esque name...

- That kid who loads ammo into the mechwarrior thing. What a tool!

- The people have intricate defenses which prevent the machines from just flat-out attacking them through the main gates. These defenses appear to just be thick doors, but assume for a second that they really do have some superweapons which would keep the machines from seiging them, and which are so threatening that the machines refuse to just post a few sentinals at each gate to prevent them from ever leaving Zion. Why not... bring them inside before the attack?

- Let's say you're a machine who is super-sensitive to electromagnetic fields and are shut down every time a pulse generated by a reasonably compact capacitor discharges in your vicinity. Good idea or bad idea: In a world with constant storms and perpetual buildup of charge in the clouds covering the entire face of the planet, build huge conductive towers. That would require one hell of a surge protector, given that you could just as easily... I don't know... build your city underground, making it simultaniously less likely to be blown out by the constant lightning storms as well as less vulnerable to attacks from humans.

- I know this has been brought up before, but why people? Why not use cows? Or sheep? Or, for that matter, just huge gelatonous biomasses? And if you really insist on the irony of using humans, why not use a thorazine drip or full-out lobotomy?

- Okay, so the sentinals have lasers which can pierce corregated steal and titanium, cutting it like butter. Why did they not design these lasers to be fired while airborne? And if they did, why did the sentinals not just obliterate everything with them upon breaching the wall of the city?

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