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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Random thoughts:

- I can't believe everyone totally bought on to the zipper fad wholesale. Banana is getting to the point where I can't find shit from the winter collection becuase everything is either cashmere (ugh) or has a half zipper. It's a complete travesty. They're actually stealing designs from Patagonia, and the early 90's, but making it with more expensive materials.

- I bet they made "The Santa Clause 2" just for the sake of inserting the joke about "The Missus Clause." If you know what I'm talking about, you understand, and you hate yourself for it.

- People don't even question when I say I bought six grams of coke and a bottle of absinthe. Um?

- The pictures below have brought much more of a response than I ever expected... which is to say, a third of the people who have mentioned them say "Are you sure you're not gay?"; a third say, "You guys are a cute couple."; the last third are men, and ask if I want to 'get together some time.' My answers: Yes, Absolutely, and God no. Respectively.

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