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Sunday, November 02, 2003

This past weekend was spent at the W&M tournament. It was a huge success for Maryland, since there were 3.5 teams in the break (I was hybriding with someone from Swarthmore) and five out of the top ten speakers were from UMD. It was nice. I really enjoy hybriding, but it makes winning a lot less important, which is sort of the reason I do it - that is, to take the pressure off.

It was weird to be in a situation where I was actually worried about winning a round. I realize there's supposed to be a lot of competition in the activity and all that, but there was a moment during semifinals against Maryland A where I was actually concerned that we might win. Like, there was so little that my team had to gain from winning the round, and it was actually better for me if we lost the round, in the long run. Then I remembered something pretty key, which was that I can have faith in a team much better than me to beat me in situations like that.

Another note, I managed to win the costume contest for my Priest outfit (which I managed to make with a piece of paper, another person's family heirloom, pants from Banana republic and a shirt from J.Crew) narrowly edging out a Palestinian suicide bomber and something else which I didn't actually notice. I won a pie.

Another weird thing that just randomly occurred to me over the course of the weekend when I realized that the year was almost halfway over is that next year, things are going to be a lot different. Most of my closer friends from around here are going to be gone, either to grad school or other countries or other enterprises, and I'm not sure exactly how that will go. I'm not sure if I'll be in such a hurry not to graduate after that.

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