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Monday, November 03, 2003

Wildfires in California rage out of control, a swarm of grasshoppers kill 11, and hospitalize over a thousand, the governator is elected to office, and George W. Bush is going to war with the Islamic world. I'm just curious... is there anyone who really doubts we're entering the apocalypse?

You know what's funny about the Bible? When Christians read it, they always assume during the events laid out in Revelations, when a very large percentage of the world is fighting for the antichrist, they're going to be on the right side. But when you start considering the current setup of the world, assuming for a moment that George Dubya is in fact the avatar of the devil on earth, you start realizing that a lot of the more aggressive countries with the most disdain for others culture and the most fervent belief in their own righteous causes are the Christian nations. It's very likely, if not certain, that the Antichrist will claim to be a great Christian leader. Ring any bells?

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