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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Colorado Post #2, 4 days until Maryland

Went snowboarding with the family. Wasn't the greatest experience - the snow was pretty bad and the board parks were closed. But still nice to get up to the mountains for a few days. I got through one of the books I got for Christmas (12 more to go).

Luckily, 7 of the 12 are by female authors, meaning that for the month of January I'll actually be stocked up on authors of the fairer sex. I've been considering (read: rationalizing) the lack of chick lit in my current library, and realized that it's possible there's a reason other than outright chauvenism that this is the case. I mean, until recently (in literary time) most of the women who were going to be authors were forced down one of two paths: try and stylistically imitate male authors, or make their feminism (the characteristic, not the philosophy) the focal point of whatever it was they were writing. It seems rare that a book written pre-20th century by a female author doesn't follow one of these two paths. On top of this there's the simple fact that... well.. most people just can't write. So it's not terribly unpredictable that, with women relegated by social norms out of authorship in a lot of polite society, the decreased volume simply means that fewer good books by women exist. I mean, the voluminous history of failed male authors isn't something to be neglected.

I'm really looking forward to having a month pretty much completely off, to do just whatever. I actually wrote the first half of a short story (yes, I really am that bored) which I'm sure will appear here if it ever actually gets finished. Which is to say, you can look forward to more of my nonfictional ramblings in the new year.

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