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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Feedback? Since when do I get feedback?

A number of people who have been reading this journal, in its various forms, for any length of time appear to have noticed the shift of my focus from politics and the like, to less... serious... subject matter. I know this becuase I've heard about it from a bunch of people, who seem to be taking it with various degrees of enthusiasm. Someone even managed to call me a sell-out, something I find highly unlikely, given that I never had any ethical stances I could sell out. Trust me, if I ever get to the point where I'm considered an intellectual or anything of the like, and I figure out a way to turn a profit, I will sell out so fucking fast it will make your head spin. I don't see that as the worst thing in the world, to be honest.

I don't see it as an individual's obligation to remain in a state of discomfort (or relative discomfort) on the grounds that society as it exists does not recognize his ideological convictions as worthy of reward. If, for example, you happen to be a Godless socialist who can make gobs of money writing trashy pro-labor books, I say go for it. I mean, don't consider yourself a serious intellectual or pillar of integrity, but do it anyway.

To answer the implicit question many of you have posed, however, the reason for the shift is largely becuase... I don't know anything. I don't say that in the Socratic "I'm a cocky son of a bitch" sort of way (man, I wish I could punch that guy in his pug nose), but in the literal "I actually don't have any real information" sort of way. The only situation in which I can make arguments of any sort is when things are very, very abstract, and don't require you to know things like "Turkey is not in Western Europe." Since reading the news on a daily basis just makes me depressed, and since the depression doesn't yield any sort of positive result or greater understanding, I'd rather keep trying to eke out short stories and random essays. I think they're more fun, and it helps me get my thoughts in order. Politics is stupid, has little impact on the day-to-day lives of a majority of individuals, and to the extent that it is worth paying attention to, it's generally not national, anyway.

I'm sick of being pointlessly angry and frustrated about things, so I'm not going to take up my time really caring. I'd rather read a book, or play video games. One person doesn't make a difference to anyone but themself.

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