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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

One of those boring posts...

Today has been one of huge ups and downs. On the one hand, I managed to become really, really sick after about six straight days of not sleeping or anything. It turns out that when you have an immune system disorder, not sleeping at all hurts you. This has resulted in many, many bad things, especially given what this weekend is. This, in turn, led to my sleeping all afternoon, and waking up only when it was dark. On the other hand, I called my geometry professor and asked if I could skip the exam tomorrow, and take the average on my first two exams. He asked why, and I basicically just said that I had too much other stuff to get to. He said it was okay. I found out later (he sent me an e-mail to confirm the excused absence) this is largely because I've gotten A+'s on both (with a perfect score on one), and so taking this exam would be superfluous anyway. Now I just need to not screw up the final, and I'll be okay.

I also have many books. I finally picked up The Bell Jar, and am planning on reading it as soon as I get throug about five other things. I'll probably have many, many rants about it. Stay tuned.

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