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Thursday, January 01, 2004

New Years

I'll write a more complete post later, but in the mean time, Liam's away message sums it up well:
greg rode me and slapped my ass
i bit garthurs neck provocatively repeatedly
liz holmes evidently severely hurt her leg
i threatened this guy named rich's life 8 times
a chick who i tried to hook up with rejected me halfway through
another chick who i hadnt even contemplated hooking up with preemptively rejected me
i got to watch john get his ear sucked on by liz
i think andrew may have had a panic/heart attack
danielle put her leg up on anyone on the dance floor with a shoulder
robbie was informed that he was a fuckface
kat danced with me, and then tried to get me to kiss andrew a lot
i walked in on two different men using the bathroom
if anyone can take this list and make a more collected engaging away message best of luck

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