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Saturday, January 24, 2004

New York: The Short Version

Two of you may have noticed my absence over the past three weeks. My mom moved back to NYC, and I went up there to... you know... check it out. I ended up staying for much longer than I had originally planned for a number of reasons (foremost among them the obvious). I will post a lot more later, but I now have celebration to do as a result of James and my making it to a third straight final round.

Here it goes:

- The Upper East Side sucks. Too many Burberry scarves.

- The Garland collection from Tiffany's does not suck. It is, in fact, very awesome.

- The New York Public Library can suck it.

- Life without a computer is very, very difficult for me. My inability to have consistant internet access seriously sent me into withdrawl.

- Women: crazy. Everyone I know is apparently a testament to this fact.

- My sister is cooler than even she gets credit for.

- I now have two cars.

- Femlit month is almost over. This should not make me happy. I will continue to repeat that mantra to myself.

- I've actually become convinced that standardized tests are, in fact, biased against certain ethnic minorities. This marks about the final step in my being a bleeding heart hippie liberal. Mourn me.

- Still not convinced on the gender thing, though.

- School starts monday. My schedule is Tuesday/Thursday from 11-4. This makes me happy.

- Going very quickly insane.

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