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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Banana Rama (things I plan on writing more about in the near future)

- New pet theory: the main test for the justness of an entitlement program is whether or not, in the longitudinal view, it can actually end or decrease the problem it is set up to mitigate. Affirmative action for minorities, then, is just, while affirmative action for the poor is not. Federal money is better spent on the poor in education than the biologically handicapped. This seems to go against what I percieve to be current thought on the issue, which is that we're somehow trying to "make up" for nature, and decrease the harms of the genetic lottery. Most people asked, I believe, would say that a poor underperforming student is less deserving of public assistance than someone who has Huntington's. This view seems to be unwarrented.

- For the record, I've been saying since my Livejournal days in 2001 that Bush wouldn't be reelected. Just keep that in mind when he loses by 15 points in November. When Cato and Heritage come out against a republican candidate you know there are sharks in the water.

- People spend way too much time letting fear control their lives. They'll go out of their way and freak out in an effort to keep their doors locked and so on and so forth, becuase it gives them this weird illusion of safety. While it does contribute to safety marginally, it's silly to stress out about these things so much. The assumption of a general malevolence on the part of society is something which actually ends up increasing the net harm propegated within said society. The general atmosphere of distrust engendered by fear is the thing which actually makes the fear warrented.

- Speaking of which, more and more I'm starting to consider the old "collective action" problem. It seems like it's impossible for any individual to effect a real change in society at large, and this seems to prevent anyone from doing anything. We need more Kantians and fewer Mill bitches.

- Anyone who has comprehensive statistics on abortion in states with and without parental notification laws, as done by anyone without an axe to grind, I'd appreciate if you'd send them to me. I haven't been able to find shit, and don't have access to Lexis from home.

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