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Monday, February 09, 2004

My Milkshake

Men's Journal did a story on the "twenty-five toughest guys in America." Naturally, I assumed that this would include the usual list of random fire-fighters and such. People who, you know, have a job which is risky and involves copious amounts of sweat, and who are typically fetishized. Instead, it's a list of people who fall either into "not really tough" or "stupid." For example: Brett Farve isn't even the toughest quarterback, let alone toughest football player, let alone toughest guy in America. This is the former. Example 2: There's a guy who rides his bike off a cliff. He got stiches in his chin and broke two ribs on consecutive days. Latter. What about that guy who cut off his freakin' arm to get out from under a boulder? That guy deserves his own advice column. You can just imagine how that would go. "I'm feeling trapped in a relationship..."

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