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Monday, February 02, 2004

Superbowl XXXVIII

I lost money on the superbowl. That ragtag group I thought was composed completely of pushovers went to show that they, in fact, can keep a game with the Patriots close, if not actually beat them. I was overwhelmed by the performance of one person specifically, and I'll get to that in a second, but I want to congratulate the champions of yesterday's superbowl:

"We're #1!"

Now, I realize interest in The Game has been waning for the past few years - and this year was slated to be an all-out trench war, with very low scoring. I understand that. But is that really a reason to pretty much openly rig the game? The Patriots were straight up mugged of a turnover when a certain pass was ruled "incomplete" after the reciever got both hands on it, tucked it, turned to run, and was hit for what should have been ruled a fumble. Or when they called a touchdown not a touchdown, despite it clearly being so. Or any of the number of other highly questionable calls the officials made when the game stopped being close.

Oh, and a special "fuck you" shoutout to the New England defensive coordinator. "Hey! 3rd and 10, they haven't been able to get a play off. That's unfair. Hey, I know, since it's an obvious passing down, let's blitz and throw man coverage! That way, they should be able to get at LEAST the first down!" I know I'm being that type who comments on bad plays after a game? But come fucking on. Anyone who's played Madden and is an obsessive blitzer (::cough::) should know what a bad idea that is. It's very simple, and yet there was a complete failure to understand such a simple concept.

And it cost me money.

Next year, when you're scripting the Superbowl? Please do us all a favor and don't script it for the bookies. Bookies kill children.

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