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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Random Stuff

- I just saw a commercial on ESPN where Jason Kidd hallucinates a basketball and basketball court, gets up out of bed, dribbles over to a basket and makes a freethrow. There's a one second shot of his wife, who appears to be hazy and far away, as if in a dream. Oh, I see. He didn't mean to beat his wife. He just thought her face was a basketball. Ugh.

- There's an evil organization which I could wipe from the face of the earth. No, not the NRA. No, not Al Qaeda. I'm talking about the Pac-10. East coast bias? The Pac-10 is a powderpuff conference, and there's always some team out west in either sport who gets a ton of publicity for a good record, despite having a terribly east schedule - yet realconferences (I'd take, GT, Wake, or UNC with even odds against Stanford, and give huge odds for Duke to beat them senseless) are ranked much lower, despite having infinitely harder strength of schedule.

- Al Qaeda bombs Spain. Why would you do that? Bomb someone who hasn't had a major separatist movement in the past fifty years. May as well spend your hard earned money bombing Israel. You know who I'd bomb if I were AQ? Iran. That would just confuse the hell out of people.

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