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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Second Down and Terror to go

I made a huge mistake today. While waiting in a Starbucks for my train to leave New York, I picked up a copy of the New York Times. Normally, this is the sort of error I guard myself vigilently against, since it tends to precipitate a full days worth of disgust. I had other things on my mind, however, and wanted to have a little escapism. So I did the best thing for avoiding any reality whatsoever: I opened to the Op-ed page.

What should greet me, but a bunch of columns about how Spain is "letting the terrorists win". There is practically nothing but "Spain sold out" rhetoric, top to bottom.

It appears to me to be a uniquely American phenomenon to consider any "capitulation" to the ostensible goals of terrorism to be "losing." In fact, it seems to be a uniquely American viewpoint to even see this as somehow a two sided, black and white conflict where victory comes only if you refuse to concede anything. We've decided to seize what we believe to be some sort of high ground, and in the process have to fight a neverending war against a million different groups. I fail to see how the choice of the Spanish electorate necessarily reflects a poor one. The terrorists will continue blowing things up so long as Spain supports the war in Iraq. Spain "loses" in the moralistic, American sense of the word... but has fewer people within their country dead as a result.

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