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Monday, April 26, 2004


So this idiot writes an oped which characterizes the feminist movement as, somehow, a backwards Puritan cause, which is out to save public morality. He doesn't understand how, in the 1970's, Take Back the Night could march to shut down pornography shops while in 2004, they could be for the expression of female eroticism. This is, of course, to be out of touch with the motives of the feminist movement. This is understandable. Plenty of people can't place the Lavender Menace, nor do they know the difference between the Feminine Mystique and Emily Post. What I found just bizarre, however, was how the author of the piece was similarly out of touch with anything resembling reality.
"Realistically, these men are decent people made criminals by a potent mixture of natural desire, the culture of free sex, and the cult of female victimhood, all hypocritically fostered by the so-called feminists.

Now, I realize that I am not exactly sitting with my thumb on the pulse of the world. It's possible I, as well as Andrews, am a little out of touch. But the literal characterization he gives for date rapists is that they're "decent people" who are being victimized by the feminist movement. Oh! Now I see the light! It's not the GHB he slips in her drink, but the "culture of free sex" which is making him rape her. Damn you feminists!

The other really hot argument he makes is that consent to any sort of sexual activity ought be legally interpreted as consent to any sexual activity. That is, the CU football players were A-OK in forcing intercourse on the women they did, becuase after all, their "potent natural desire" coupled with the girl kissing them is just too much for us to expect a human being to handle. I mean, let's just go ahead and omit the fact that a huge amount of this sort of sexual assault happens while the girl is intoxicated (voluntarily or no), and consequently can't consent. He actually says that being a cocktease makes you a viable target for rape. Take that, miss wears-a-short-skirt-but-doesn't-want-to-be-raped!

And people wonder why the Ivy league is considered "out of touch".

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