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Monday, April 19, 2004

Saving Graces

New Account Acceptance Center
PO Box 981052
El Paso, TX 79998

To Whom It May Concern:

I recieved your letter of April the 5th, and I must say, it rends the very flesh of my heart to hear from you after all this time as if I was just some strumpet, some notch on your belt. You begin by addressing me as "Friend"? Was I your "friend" that afternoon by the Siene, the hazy afternoon sun still alighting on our faces? You remember, don't you, how the cobblestones were still wet from the previous nights' rain, the thick, wet air clinging to your clothes, your face, your very being?

From the abyss you reach out to me, the envelope-encased lifeline from a time when I still believed as you do. When I still yearned for the very best of life. But that's not me any more. I have moved past your false promises of frequent flyer miles and the accursed temptation of free merchandise. I have another credit card company now, who treats me like a person. The lazy contours of my body may be ensconced in your memory, but only becuase in my innocence, your purred inquiry after my social security number seemed so lurid. I had never given my SSN out before, and in that morning, with shadows of the Eiffel tower looming like a watchful sentinal over us, I wanted to give you something special.

My new company may not offer me visions of a greater world and upheval of the existing social order, but at least they let me choose between a small puppy or a picture of a whale. It may not be much to you, but it's more than my midwestern heart could ask to be given small control over the tempest of my banking affairs.

I would ask that you please, in the future, refrain from contacting me. Let us leave a summer's memories intact and beautiful, yet fleeting, like the morning dew on a bed of roses.

From another life,
Megan C. Thomson

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