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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Kansas Is Full of Idiots

Kansas considers giving illegals in-state tuition at public universities. Before anyone goes all xenophobic on me, I just noticed a quote towards the end of the article:
Opponents argued that the proposal would reward lawbreakers and perhaps even aid terrorists.

"If terrorists come to get a pilot's license at a Kansas university, at least we gave them in-state tuition before they used it against us," Rep. Scott Schwab, a Republican, said sarcastically
Okay, "terrorism" threats are officially played out. When the floor debate over bills like this actually have Al Qaeda mentioned, you know that some serious shark jumping has ensued. Let's look at this:

Jimmy the terrorist, in order to qualify for this in-state tuition, would have to move to Kansas at the age of fifteen with at least one parent. He would then have to go to high school for three years, graduate, and have submitted all of his information to INS and be actively seeking naturalization. Then, with the proper SAT scores, he can go to Kansas State University and get his pilot's license at a whopping discount of $4000. Of course, this would be the sped division of the terrorist cell, since some time in the four years of study, he would have learned how to add and subtract, at which point he would have realized that the $4k is probably much, much less than he and his alleged parent would spend living in America for the better part of a decade.

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