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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Palestinian State!

Hypothetically, let's say that Israel and the US/UN granted a Palestinian state with all of the (rational) demands made by the PLO et al, but that they added the condition that this new state follow all of the guidelines that the PLO and so on have accused Israel of not. That is to say, they had to allow Jews and other ethnic and religious groups full citizenship rights, and were not allowed to bar the ownership of property and so on, as well as not being able to suppress foreign ideologies.

I don't know much about anything foreign (or domestic. Or really anything that exists outside of my imagination...), so I'm curious to the three of you who still visit this site, would the Palestinians accept that sort of arrangement? It seems to me from the limited understanding I do hold that an Islamic state would flip out if they were forced to follow the same rules they adamently demand Israel follow.

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