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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Direct Mail for Kerry

I've been paying more attention to the political scene since debate started up again, and I have to say I'm horrified. I'm usually one to decry bringing politics down to things like Dukakis sitting all goofy-helmeted in a tank, or other such pettiness, but how is the Bush camp getting away with calling Kerry effeminate? It's not the official campaign, I suppose, but images like this are popping up all over the web:

Now, argument by catchy phrase and .gif isn't how politics should be fought, but in many cases it's how it is fought, so I'm curious how people are letting Bush supporters paint him as manly. Seriously. The guy was a cheerleader. At Andover. Before the war on Iraq, he fought the war on pringles. And lost. Dramatically.

I don't know if you remember that story, but he managed to somehow cut his face on Air Force One becuase nobody ever taught him to eat snack food. And this is a guy who's being held up as a war hawk.

If Kerry loses this election, the democratic party is officially the dumbest group of individuals ever.

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