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Monday, September 13, 2004

The SEC Sucks

From ESPN:

It seems that many of those pompous and arrogant SEC fans are a little nervous about the new ACC. If the ACC is still a second-tier conference, then why all the jealousy? One writer stated that ACC schools needed to do "what it takes to field winning football programs." If that means having over 2/3 of your schools on probation or under investigation for cheating, then I say no thanks. We will continue winning without paying linemen $20,000 to go to school or asking them to spell "cat" on a biology final. Another reader mentioned "middle of the pack" teams that can't compete with "traditional" SEC powers. I was watching the Peach Bowl a couple years ago when "middle of the pack" Maryland played "traditional power" Tennessee. I watched the game with a pompous SEC fan who kept saying the entire first half how this wasn't the real Tennessee and that soon Maryland would be suffering. By the second half, when it was 30-3, he kept making injury excuses. I think EJ Henderson is still making plays behind Tennessee's line! Anyway, SEC fans need to get over their arrogance and face facts that they aren't the only game in town anymore. Thanks for letting me vent. GO TERPS!

Mike Bell

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