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Thursday, October 07, 2004

"O" is for "Overreaction!"

USA Gymnastics asks for a boycott of A&F

USA Gymnastics president Bob Colarossi is asking the clothing retailer to stop selling a T-shirt that has the slogan "L is for Loser" next to a picture of a gymnast on the still rings. The sport's governing body also asked members to boycott the store until the T-shirt is pulled.

"No individual, regardless of race, gender, age, intelligence or athletic ability, can or should be deemed a loser," Colarossi wrote in a letter to Michael Jeffries, chief executive officer of Abercrombie & Fitch.

That may be true, but you can and should be deemed a loser for being the USA Gymnastics president and writing letters to clothes retailer whining about a t-shirt.

As an aside, if every gymnast boycotted A&F, the total revenue they would lose is approximately zero. A&F, from my experience with them, only has small, medium, large and extra large; they don't carry "scary, growth stunted midget girl with no estrogen."

This is just like that "Two wongs make it white" t-shirt people got so angry about.It's a t-shirt, people. You think you might be invalidating your movement when it coems to the bigger issues?

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