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Monday, October 18, 2004

What Kind of Girl Am I?

I have a trillion things which I absolutely obligated to get done before Wednesday of this week, so I am doing the only thing I can think of: Taking online quizzes about what type of girl I am. I felt a little upset after taking it and finding that I am "a hybrid of Academic Girl and Party Girl," the former of which sounds like a way of saying "hopeless prude" while the latter is all but synonymous with "slut." Or it's possible that lifestyle choice has been socialized in my head to refer explicitly to promiscutiy.

I was looking for answers like "Q: What kind of shoes are you? A: A pair of kleenex boxes with duct tape around them" and "Q:What kind of drink are you? A: Everclear mixed with pickle brine" but sadly, the "Crazy Bag Lady Girl" was not a possibility.

Some of the questions are also a touch insulting - for example, "Your boyfriend rented a house with a kitchen and Jacuzzi for the weekend for a Bridget Jones-style mini-break. What must you pack?" It would be nice if there were an answer for "Maybe I rented the house, and don't need the implciation that my boyfriend needs to do everything for me you facist." But I guess most feminists wouldn't be at a site for a cook book called "Cooking to Hook Up."

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