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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Good First Impressions

For those of you who don't know (which is all of you), I tend to sing along with the music playing on my computer. Winamp has this sexy feature where you can just add all of your songs to a huge playlist, and put it on shuffle, and you're set. I have 2,168 MP3's. This is all to preface what happened, and so people understand the full context: sometimes, when you have that much music on your computer, not all of it is "high quality" or "not boy bands." I for example have numerous songs by the pop sensation N'sync.

So last night I went to see Badly Drawn Boy with Nika and my sister and this guy named Julian (he's probably linked on the left.) I drank a lot during the course of the night (my theory was this: if I drink a lot beforehand, then I won't need to buy overpriced drinks at the concert. This turned out to be incorrect as Nika kept giving me alcoholic things to drink. So I drank a lot before the show, and during the show.) and saw so many people in emo glasses that I seriously thought that the room was, like, a glowstick away from some serious, hardcore poetry. In any case, nobody but us was dancing, despite the show kicking some ass. I got back to my sister's apartment at like two in the A-M, and crashed on her couch. I then woke up at 9:30 very, very hung over and took the metro home.

So the point is, I look like hell today. Since it takes so much to wash the shit I had in my hair out of it, I'm all frizzy and stuff, and well, I'm tired and have a headache and don't give a fuck so I've spent the whole day wearing a "Kenya Dig It" shirt and some inside out pajama pants with moose on them. But I am going to New York tonight, so I had my music playing kinda loud while I was packing. The problem is, totally unconsciously I started doing the dance to/singing to the symphonic masterpiece that is "Bye Bye Bye" without really thinking about it.

So that's the scene. I'm dancing around my room with N'Sync playing and I look like a homeless guy and I'm eating a bag of chocolate chips. So then my roommate opens my door. And he's standing there with his girlfriend and her cousin who is staying with us for a week. So now I totally have to either kill myself, or not say anything to any of them ever again. I guess the first sort of entails the second, but yea. The bad part is that the song before Bx3* was, predictably "Lean Back" and if they had come just a little sooner, like two minutes, I'd have been doing the ROCKAWAY and sweating the kicks and they'd have thought I was totally thug life. But instead now yet another group thinks I'm gay as John Waters.

It's good that I'm running away to NYC this weekend or I'd really be in some shit.

*get it? Bye Bye Bye? BBB? Bx3! Wow I'm clever like gangbusters

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