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Friday, November 05, 2004

Why "They" Hate Us

In the wake of the election, there has been a rather strong reaction by the "liberals" over the result. This time, with no supreme court to blame, with no moral victory in a popular vote victory, the sting of defeat has left everyone with the one thing left to do: mock and insult.

Pieces like this, this, this, and this. A bunch of (ostensibly) smart people who have taken the days following the election to insult the fifty one million people who put Bush back into office. Bravo.

To everyone who is doing this: seriously, shut up. The condescending litany of traits attached to Bush voters are just emblematic of the pathetic naievity of the Democratic party. People in this country tend, by and large, to believe in God. They tend to believe in family values. If you want to win them over, stop the Kerryesque "I have a plan, but the plan is very complicated, so just trust me - plan exists. In a closet or something. REALLY." Start coming up with something that appeals to them. The biggest thing in this election was "moral character." I'm not sure how a former cocaine addicted alcoholic who dodged the draft and who can't keep his daughters from abusing executive power wins the "family values war" but... oh wait, I do know. It's that the democrats never fought it. They were too busy following the Republicans to get around to actually capturing the hearts of Americans.

In debate, people always complain that the judge didn't care about their carefully crafted analysis in a specific vein, and therefore, the judge is stupid. Great. But at the end of the day, you haven't convinced them, and the Democrats did not convince the electorate. Instead they'd rather hurl insults at them and consdescend and wish that everyone was an upper class white kid who grew up in Boston or New York. I'll let you in on a little secret - a lot of the democrats base is just as "dumb." The implication is that if you vote Republican for value reasons you're automatically an inbred hick with no comprehension, but if you vote Democrat for value reasons you're an enlightened visionary. Lots of people just vote Democrat becuase they're more willing to dispense damaging political muscle to things like teacher's unions.

You know what? The intelligencia, the academics, are not America. Sorry. Maybe in the Platonic cave behind your veil of ignorance you're having your own Age of Enlightenment, but if you can't communicate your ideas to people, the whole exercize is in masturbation. There's enormous contempt for people who do not frame every opinion in the aristocratic lingo of the Harvard Alumni Association, but at the end of the day, they control the country. Convince some people, get a real message, and maybe people will listen.

In a fight between the twisted, corrupt values that many Republicans espouse and the vacuum left by the Democrats, the former will always win. So stop bitching about how people are "stupid" and get on convincing them.

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