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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Colorado in a Nutshell

Tonight is my last night in Colorado, and I have to say, it was the most uneventful week of my entire life. Nothing happened that's worth reporting. I finished Partly Cloudy Patriot. I started reading a book by Posner. I watched some football, and breathed the thin mountain air. There's a certain vacuum of feeling to this place that someone who isn't here enough really doesn't get to understand. Baltimore, New York, DC... all of them have a sort of life to them. Denver is just sterile. There's no culture. There's nothing except a bunch of people, none of whom are native to this place, going about their healthy, bran-oat obsessed lives. When it comes to matters like literature, at least Texans hold an open disdain for book larnin' - there's just an absence of coffee shops (other than Starbucks) and book stores (other than massive chains) and other places where people can gather. People here love Dave Matthews. Like... LOVE him.

Most of the ski towns at least have the self-conscious rusticness of a Disney World Wild West exhibit. The rest of the state is just... bland. Being back here really does make one feel as if their essence is being slowly stolen by the ozoneless sky.

I get back to DC tomorrow, and then I'm going to be basically scheduled solid for the three weeks following my brilliant return.

PS: My sister got me to sign up for You should all sign up and add me. Thx.

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