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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Earlier this morning, I checked my e-mail to reveal a grip of spam-looking correspondances with subjects like "[Informationcentral] SORRY FOR E-MAILS..I dont know whats going on" and variations, always starting with the bracketed 'informationcentral' and with some sort of "REMOVE" or "GET ME OFF THIS LIST" or something to that effect.

In all likelihood, some spam company accidentally (or intentionally) forgot to remove the list of recipiants, and the consequent cascade of e-mails began. This has the interesting effect of evading spam filters, since now, instead of being "," a blockable domain, the senders are people like Todd Smith who apparently uses

Some of the funniest ones were from people like Lori Wierzbinski, who sent her e-mail back from a Merril Lynch account. Apart from calling them "E-MIALS," Lori apparently was baffled by the preponderance of unsolicited e-mails in her box. Rather than recognizing that replying would send her address and name to many, many people, she elected to ignore this fact and reply anyway. In fact, after the first three or so made it apparent that the problem existed, any number of successive people (16 so far) could have realized that they don't need to unsubscribe to any list. They just need to stop sending stupid e-mails out. And other people need to realize the same.

The company isn't even sending e-mails. It's people who are on this list who are now responsible for spamming. And they're from law firms, investment firms, banks. This is really depressing.

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