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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Damn the Pizzaman

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting much recently. Between looking for employment that won't require me to arrive at work intoxicated and the NBA playoffs, I've been occupied by other things. Oh, and the end of the semester has taken every bit of writing energy I have. Typing pages about the importance of cyanogenic glucocides in the diet of subsaharan tribal cultures just doesn't make me want to post crap here.

Anyway, tonight I decided to take some time away from various papers and resume rapidfiring, and that I was going to get a pizza and watch the basketball games. I went ahead and ordered from Papa Johns, and noticed something was awry. My large sausage and tomato pizza was more expensive than it ever had been before. Not by much, mind you, but I am a man of routine and my routine dictates that their price is high. I looked at my receipt, and lo and behold, Papa Johns instituted a $1 delivery fee. I've been told that Dominos also decided to have the same fee, recently, and that some locations have had this for quite some time.

I, on the other hand, am incensed.

I thought we had a way of dealing with this. Delivery drivers are paid like paupers, and then the "fee" is made up for in tips. I, for one, have decided that, rather than pay more for the same product, I'm going to start tipping $1 less per delivery. On top of that, franchise chains already charge about 125% more than most of the local stores. Pizza Boli, for example, charges half as much as Dominos for a larger two topping pizza. What is the justification for the increased cost? Wasn't the USS Maine of Mass Destruction war supposed to make gas prices go down? As far as I can tell, gasoline is the sole factor that would justify such a fee. But why would they not simply absorb the cost into the pizza rather than itimizing it into the bill?

Stupid pizza people.

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