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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I realize this is a small problem, and not likely one that will get a lot of fervor, but could the people who write commercials please know English?

I understand that outsourcing is the new 'merger,' and that there's a need to give jobs to illiterate six year olds in Tangier, but when the literal meaning of a commercial is insulting to your product, don't do it. For example, there's a Universal Studios commercial that shows people at the park, and then has text that reads, "Workaholic? Time to fall off the wagon." Now, if you're an alcoholic, and you fall off the wagon, it means you drink. So presumably, the commercial says that you need to get the fuck back to your office. There's also a Degree commercial saying that it's the deoderant for people who "take risks." Now... this would seem to suggest that... wearing the deoderant... is a risk.

Seriously. I get what they MEAN, but I shouldn't have to interpret shit.

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